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How can I get Yaw Pitch Roll value, using dll?

I am a student who recently became interested in Oculus rift. I want to use the SDK to get the Roll Pitch yaw, make it a dll file, and use it in LabVIEW. I am having a hard time learning cpp.How can I get Yaw Pitch Roll value, using dll?Can you tell ...

games i would love to play in VR

Hi! i have been loving this VR experience. after playing resident evil 4 which i loved!! i thought of SILENT HILL! this would be a great game to play in VR. any of them! and after finding that the car racing games Suck! i need NEED FOR SPEED. this wo...

XrisQ by Level 2
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Incompatible Hardware

I ran an AMD clean-up and suddenly the hardware in my computer was not compatible with oculus software, so, what's goin' on?Also, the link it provided does not work anymore

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nances by Level 2
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Finger macro

As I am working on a VR mech on Build A Boat For Treasure, my favourite game on Roblox, the popular video game platform, it would be way easier for a keyboard macro, the con on this would be to not be in vr mode in games, it should be toggleable, onl...

Passthrough on PCVR?

Hi! I want to know if passtrough will be available on PC. This will be very useful on simulation software, to see a real control board and touch real buttons, steering wheel and joysticks. Oculus quest 2 isn't the best platform for simulation because...

PiroKun by Level 4
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Problem uploading an app using ovr-platform-util

Hi, I am attempting to upload a new app version to the dashboard using the ovr-platform-util tool. The problem I have is that I cannot get it to accept my launch parameters. As an example: --launch-params "-argument_name 12345" It will not accept thi...

cant login pc app

Hi, I can't login to the oculus pc app. The login via facebook option only leads to the website fb of my account.How do I log in to connect oculus quest 2 to pc?there is a message about an incorrect email address or password.

Oculus PC app not downloading

I deleted the app at first while downloading a game and hope to re-install it and fix the issue. Now it won't even install correctly. It downloads up to a certain point before stopping with 0 bytes/s. Any ideas for fixes?I'm using a quest 2, have ple...

Oculus Home Ambient Noise

Oculus, please allow PCVR users to turn off the ambient noise that plays while using Air Link ( not in "Home"). The sound is obnoxious and shouldn't be playing while users are on their PC and especially not while media is playing.

Using my real finger touch as mouse click.

Hello. I'm developing VR app using unity with Oculus Quest2.I'm using OVRCameraRig for tracking my bare hand. I want to use finger touch as mouse click to interact with UI(Button, Dropdown etc.) Is there any way to do it?Please share me if you have o...

ped1130 by Level 2
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Space Sense is lagging Air Link from PC

When Space Sense is activated, the frame rate drops, when playing from Unity editor.App starts to lag, and motion sickness starts.After turning it off, no problem.Tried it on two headsets.Any one had the same experience?

kshaja by Level 3
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VRC.PC.Audio.1 - Oculus Audio submission fail

Hello!After several rounds of technical review for a Rift game we're putting on the store we've successfully met all criteria but for one: VRC.PC.Audio.1We are using UE4 + Fmod studio for this project. Oculus Audio plugin is enabled but we are not us...

Oculus Rooms and Avatar API release date?

Hello,I'm currently working on a multiplayer game using Unity and Photon Unity Networking. I'm mainly interested on how the Oculus Rooms will work and how to integrate it into my multiplayer solution. The avatars would also be nice, but we currently ...

drohack by Level 3
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USB Camera on Oculus Quest 2

Hi, I'm trying to access and display a stereo UVC Camera plugged into my Quest 2 under Unreal Engine 4, but it seems to be hard, do you provide examples of code or some resources, even under others or the native frameworks? Thank you for your attenti...

GPU spec for oculus link

GPU spec for oculus link will be really required such as "GTX 1060 Super" which has more than 6GB VRAM ?Due to slim body, my PC can be mount such as GTX 1650 4GT LP 4GB GDDR5.What is trigger or logic which software judge whether oculus link will work...

oculus Link not working

So I just got my quest 2 and the link but whenever I try to run a game from the oculus software it displays on my pc and not the quest itself, the screen on the quest is black or has 3 loading dots but nothing ever loads. my pc is VR compatable

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Power Injector for Quest 2

Oculus, please develop a power injector for PCVR Quest2 users, Some games can be played for much longer than the battery life allows, even when taking breaks you don't want to turn the game off. I like my Q2 but I am seriously considering going back ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cannot Pair Quest 2 with PC

Greetings Friends. I am brand-new to the Quest2 and a 3+ year novice at Unity. My intention is to simply Build-and-Run an app from Unity to the Q2. I've failed at that, being stuck here: . I've tried and failed at sideload. In attempts to enable Deve...

zekev by Level 3
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SetControllerVibration - how to stop it?

So I have haptics working, but I need a way to stop it. It seems to run for about a second or two then quits. But essentially i only want it to vibrate when I touch something. No longer touching, I want to be able to stop it.

xlar54 by Level 2
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VR Website

I built this 360 website and have VR enabled. When I try to access it from my Oculus device, I can only view it as a webpage, like on my PC. Is there a step that I am missing? https://bit.ly/3wdMayh is the web address for my museum site. I would appr...

What is the best way to make 360 movie?

Hi allI am trying to make a CG 360 movie for Oculus 2. I know Maya, Blender, and Aftereffects and learning UE. So I would like to know what is the best way to make a 360 CG movie. Any inputs in this regard will help me a lot. Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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