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Confirmation email is never sent

Hi,I've uploaded a build on the ALPHA channel and I want to test it on my dev account. I've added myself in the user group but haven't received any confirmation email so I can't test the build. Just in case I've tried deleting myself and readding but...

Can't use two handed weapons

When playing Pavlov I try and hold a gun with two hands but when I shoot my controllers will start to move on there own or stop moving at all it seems to only happen when using two hands can someone please help.

SharpOVR 0.4.2 NuGet Update

I've released a NuGet package called SharpOVR, it's a .NET API for the Oculus Rift. It is based on SDK 0.4.x and wraps most of the functionality provided by the SDK. It only supports SDK Rendering at the moment (no Client Distortion Rendering). It ha...

guygodin by Level 4
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Demo Mode feature request

Hi all,i am currently developing an app for a museum using Unity and the Rift S. The museum is naturally a bit worried about visitors going into menus, changing apps etc. The Demo-Mode would be a perfect solution, but if i take the HMD off, it exits ...

Demo Mode Forced Exit

Hello,When running with demo mode turned on, and infinate timeout, my unity application exits if I take the headset off for +-10 seconds.Is there a way of stopping this in code?Thanks,Bruce

How should I go about this part of my project?

So I've had long sessions within my VR headset, I'm sure most of us have. When I'm in these long sessions, I don't like taking off my headset and putting it back on to do many things. So far I could do pretty much everything I needed to except use th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift S and Steam LIV (Mixed Reality) ?

1. Error message when using Steam LIV software (The Oculus system has lost its connection to the display. Please check your headset's connection and then restart)Remove the LIV software to make it work , But there is no error in testing HTC VIVE.Stea...

CharacterCameraConstraint Null Reference Exception

Hello!I'm new to Oculus VR development and having issues with trying to watch a bunch of tutorials on YouTube being extremely out of date. After doing what I assumed was the closest to current level development, I have been able to get my character t...

Glytchi by Level 2
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A missing lib

Good evening everyone, I'm new and I just signed up on the forum because I would like to create a virtual reality application. I code in C and C ++ for several years and I use SDL2 and OpenGL, I found on this site a link to an SDK that would meet my ...

help with oculus rift pc sdk

HelloI have been trying for a week now to write a simple app to display an image on oculus rift ( same for both eyes ). OculusTinyRoom is the only sample using OpenGL and it is way too complicated to adapt.I am reaching the point where I am starting ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift dk2 - connect without SYNC OUT

Hello. I have 4 Rift Dk2 oculus. All of them without the original Sync Out Cable and without the Position track sensor.I found that the DK2 works perfectly, using a common HDMI cable and a USB cable, both connected directly to the Computer.However, t...

Oculus Rift problem with Unity URP project...

Hi AllI am trying some 3D Environment with 2019.3.6f1Unity URP Template project and both Oculus Integration and Oculus Desktop plugins and I have a problem......When I played this project in Unity 2019.3.6f1, I can see only ONE eye in my Oculus Rift ...

Unity, OVR hand pointer laser beam issue

Hi, I have an issue with the laser pointer setup (line renderer). Its pointing by default to world 0,0,0. Only by using the secondary hand trigger, the beam is pointig forward. I dont know if its supposed to be like this, but I want it always pointin...