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Oculus Developer Needed

Hi Everyone,I am trying to connect with someone interested in development for a VR game for one of my client's events. To give some background on what we are trying to accomplish-Our client is hosting a booth for the Pack Expo in Las Vegas at the end...

How to get stereo 360 video into Unity for VR

I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution to this problem and I’m hoping someone has a solution, or at worst, a definitive “nope, it can’t be done”. Suppose that I have pre-rendered stereo video footage either as a T/B or SBS… is it possible to bri...

Augmented reality

Hello. Im new user of oculus.i have ovrvision camera and want to make a simple AR application.i want to be able to look at some object and make some animated object to appear on the screen.Where do i start? what software do i need?10X

Multiple windows and vsync

My primary monitor is 60hz. When rendering to a single window I call ovrHmd_SubmitFrame(), blit my mirror texture to the window and then call SwapBuffers(). This works well when vsync has been disabled with wglSwapIntervalEXT(0) as I can perform 75 b...

Rajveer by Level 3
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JOVR / Java bindings?

Just dusting off my Rift to have another play with some Java OpenGL. I feel more motivated now we have some specs and direction at last.  Although I'm wondering if Java is still a good choice now OSX and Linux have been dropped? Also I haven't seen ...

image upside down after upgrade from 0.4.4 to 0.6.0

Hello,I just updated my opengl based code to work with 0.6.0 (from 0.4.4). But when I turn on rendering to HMD, I see distorted image upside down (in both hmd and in mirror texture). Is there some simple explanation? what should I check first?I did n...

dee by Level 2
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Window position...

Hey, hey, hey! In SDK 0.4, I believe, ovrHmd used to have WindowsPos as a member.Resolution apparently remained as a member and gives the size of the window.Only, how to access the position of a window in SDK 0.6?Please, see code here below, thank yo...

Panoramic previewing with realtime fisheye dewarping

Magic Lantern, as many of you will know, is third party firmware for many Canon DSLRs which unlocks raw video capture and many other capabilities. One of these capabilities, for 5DMkIIs and 5DMkIIIs at least, is live previewing in panoramic modes wit...

mediavr by Level 4
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Linux: Run Rift as separate X display

I'm trying to follow this advice from the LINUX_README:KNOWN ISSUES * Frame loss on NVidia TwinView setups. Use an independent X screen for an optimal experience.... but I'm still having issues to set this up. Since there seems to be a known solution...

bluenote by Level 2
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Proposal for a new MobleVR control scheme

This is a re-post from the GearVR part of the forum, I thought it should better fit here, sorry for the double post.Hi all, by now, I have tried quite a few mobile VR apps, including Gear VR stuff at our VR Meetup. What struck me was the total lack o...

Unity Prefabs VR Disabled

Hello community!Whenever I try running my scene, no visuals would come up on the oculus and all i'm left with is a message on theeditor screen saying "VR DISABLED". :evil: I've got a DK2 and running unity 4.6.3. I've got a OVRPlayerController Prefab ...

Trying Opengl+DK1 example, wrong scale?

Hi guys!I tried the code provided by this tutorial: https://codelab.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/oculusvr-sdk-and-simple-oculus-rift-dk2-opengl-test-program/ and you can find here-->http://nuclear.mutantstargoat.com/hg/oculus2/file/tipI tried it with DK1...

3DNA - 3D Virtual Desktop "Room"

Did anyone see/use the 3DNA desktop back in the day?I want to say it was around 2002, but it's since gone the way of the Dodo, but I feel like some kind of similar desktop implementation would appeal to the VR crowd. All I can really find on the prog...

GIGABYTE P34WV3 for development?

Hi, Has anyone tried their DK2 with this particular laptop? GIGABYTE P34WV3http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Veno ... ng_Laptop/If not, can you recommend a similar configuration of 13-14" laptop with NV 970M that is confirmed to work with DK2?

solus by Level 4
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SDK 0.6 and black smudging from edges

With SDK 0.6 integrated, when I rotate my Rift I get smudging from the black on the edges of the render texture on to the parts the eyes can see. The faster I rotate the more smudging occurs. I think I have something setup incorrectly but am not sure...

Rajveer by Level 3
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Signing the APK for Manual Distribution

I know that for development a developer osig file is required. However our app is not aimed at any sort of store, like the Oculus Store. Rather, this app will be preloaded on a number of devices at a exhibition. What is the process to enable the apk ...

Lens/Rift CAD files?

Hey guys,I am trying to do some basic tests in my CAD package as far as the OR optics go, but I need to know what the shape of the lens actually is. I know it is an aspherical plano convex lens, but I haven't been able to find any dimensioned drawing...

Multiple Rifts on a single PC

I thought ovrHmd_Detect() would return the number of connected devices, however when connecting both my DK1 and DK2 it only returns 1. Maybe multiple Rifts is something that isn't implemented yet, however is this something that will be in the future?...

Rajveer by Level 3
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C# Development on Oculus

Hello,I'm a student in computer science and we have to create a project using "Ray-Tracing", a synthesis imaging project using only maths and physics with C#.I have no clear idea on how to make it work with the Oculus but I would do it this way :Gene...

FFMPEG SDL2 6 channel audio file question...

Hi, not sure if anyone can help me, but in my video player (plugin dll for my engine, using ffmpeg, SDL2 for audio (xAudio2)) I found playing all video seems ok except video encoded audio with 5.1 - 6 channel audio (VOB files). mind you I am only tes...

Unreal Engine 4 with DK1?

I have the Oculus DK1 and I am trying to use it with the Unreal Engine 4. I am having problems getting the Oculus to work with the engine. On the Unreal Engine wiki, it describes setting up with a DK2. Does the Unreal Engine 4 only work with Developm...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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HSW rendering issues after 0.6.0 SDK update

I've finally got things rendering again after updating my code for 0.6.0 (which was a bit of a painful process from 0.4.4...) and things look more or less correct now except the HSW is rendering with some kind of weird double image effect that makes ...

3d fps Input device plus virtual positioning system

Good day all, I've been thinking on input methods for the virtual hmd's as well and I might have come up with something new, or not... but I've never really come across something like my idea so I will share it here for maybe there are people interes...

Suprcow by Level 2
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