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Forum Posts Changes to build configurations?

The SDK no longer contains the pre-built LibOVR.lib, LibOVR64, LibOVRd.lib and LibOVR64d.lib files, that previous versions of the SDK did. It's still possible to compile these library files manually, but looking at the build configurations I ... Mirror Mode

The notes say that Mirror Mode is now enabled in extended mode and you can override the rendertexture that is used for mirroring. Is this available in the Unity integration package?Enabling mirror mode (OVRManager.display.mirrorMode = true;) doesn't ...

kwaver by Level 2
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SDK Version 0.2.3: only head tracking

Hi AllI am not that good with C++, and run in to problems with that I took the head tracking part, from the SDK 0.2.3 World demo and stripped until I had the head tracker to create the pitch/roll/yaw. But the application was still in C++. Now I moved...

amigob by Level 2
  • 1 replies
  • 0 kudos compiling with Win32_GLAppUtils.h

I'm trying to build a few simple apps to explore the new SDK and I would like to reuse the structs found in the Win32_GLAppUtils header file. Unfortunatly, I'm getting linking errors when I try this. I've boiled one of the apps down to nothing and it...

0.6.0 Extended Mode Window Positioning

How should we position our window properly in extended mode? In 0.5.0, I'd check if we were in extended mode. If direct mode, I'd make my window just a standard window. In extended mode, I'd look at hmd->DisplayDeviceName, enumerate everything to fin...

360 Media PC Spec

Hi, I was just wondering what PC spec is required to view 360 videos?I recently built a pc to use mainly with the Oculus, but i can't view any of these 360 videos due to painfully low framerates.PC Spec: i5-4690K, GTX 980 SC, 8GB Ram, Samsung Evo SSD...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Game developers - Make Stereographic 3D an OPTION

Hi guys,If there's anything we've learned from the Dirt RALLY thread (viewtopic.php?f=42&t=22689), it's that people have a hard time telling if things are really 3D.Carmak has gone on record stating that 3D isn't completely necessary, and has even sh...

RoyMi6 by Level 2
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How to get started....

What is the best way to get into VR development? I have a strong programming background but have never programmed games or worked with VR. I have been following Oculus forums for a while and I see that this technology is bound to take off. I got my D...

dkonya by Level 2
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Sixense Stem/Decoupled Aiming

Will 5-Tracker Stem Bundle Enable Decoupled Aiming; if yes, for what titles?! Will the Stem enable decoupled aiming in ALL PC titles or just the ones specifically made for the Stem? Also, I see that it's backwards compatible with the Hydra, but I don...

Prevent Hydra from acting like a mouse while in Unity.

I need some assistance with my Hydra. When I am previewing my game in Unity, the Hydra motion controllers work as expected. But, the right controller also causes my PC's mouse cursor to move around. When I try to grab things in my game, sometimes I e...

ridoutb by Level 4
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OpenGL Direct Rendering CLIENT Mode

Hi,I've previously successfuly implemented OpenGL Extended Desktop Client Rendering and now I've decided to add Direct Rendering mode support to that setup. I've googled a little bit the forum and I found this references and samples:https://github.co...

MrKaktus by Level 3
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OpenGL Shader Issues with

Since upgrading my OpenGL application to I've noticed some lighting issues. They seem to be related to rotations I apply to the camera; as I apply roll to the object to which I've attached my camera the scene gets darker. If I leave the objec...

Orientation : Correction to Docs

Just perusing the Oculus Developer documentation, and found a really bad error. We've taken the liberty of fixing it. Here's the error:YPR-wtf.pngAnd here's the fix, with upgrades:link : http://blog.dsky.co/2015/05/13/vr-tech-411-6dof-xyz-ypr-positio...

dsky9 by Level 2
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Inverse ghosting

I noticed, basically, inverse ghosting that is actually in the rendered image.This must be done in the libovr. What is it called?In this picture, I am looking(rotating) to the right:chair.pngI think it is an attempt to get the lcd to react faster.If ...

Matlock by Level 2
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Designing VR Tools: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

At a recent Designers + Geeks talk, Jody Medich and Leap Motion's Daniel Plemmons talked about some of the discoveries our team has made (and the VR best practices we’ve developed) while building VR experiences with the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motio...

Audio SDK with MAX/MSP 7

Hi all, my name is franky. I am quite new to this world but I love it. I am doing a BA project .. trying to make an immersive, interactive Audio experience On the Oculus..based on a Max/MSP pacth.I have a question (sorry if is a stupid one) I do I in...

Oculus Rift integrations into CryENGINE 3 FreeSDK.

Hi Community.Just wondering about any chances of getting integrated Oculus Rift support for this engine. Is anybody working with fitting this into the CryENGINE 3 FreeSDK? I am unsure if this can be achieved as the sourcecode provided for indie devel...

lavizh by Level 2
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DirectToRift not responding

Gigabyte motherboardNvidida 760 GTX 4gb DDR5Intel i71tb/8gb ddr3The demo in 0.5 SDK is working. If I try to run a game DirecttoRift it loads (Just to my pc monitor and not to the rift) or the programs not responding. I originally thought it was a pro...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Autopano Video Pro 2

Hey everyone,I'm considering purchasing Autopano Video Pro 2 but I have a question about system requirements, specifically Giga. Though nowhere on Kolor's store page does it say that Giga is required to use VP2, virtually every tutorial and documenta...

OpenGL oculus slow on this one laptop

I have a new dell laptop i7+nvidia quadro k4100, win 7, opengl and I get a really bad framerate compared to other systems.This happens with my project, and also the opengl version of Tuscany demo.I have the latest drivers for everything.By comparison...

Matlock by Level 2
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Monoscopic Depth Perception

I just answered a question over at Quora from someone who is blind in one eye and wants to use VR.My answer is here:http://www.quora.com/Are-there-virtual- ... c-CerisanoThe summary is:What someone with monocular vision would need is a special render...

Replace tracking with our own tracking system

Hi,Is it possible to replace the current tracking system of the Oculus with our own tracking system?We are building a full motion flight simulator and need to track the position relatively to the cabin. So we can not use the existing tracking mechani...

Mac OS X SDK framework vs library?

Hi,I'm trying to update my app on Mac OS X to the new version in Xcode, and running into a lot of issues. I noticed that the SDK now comes with a framework included, which seems like it will make things easier, but I'm still a bit unclear on ...

matte by Level 2
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Cinder Integration w/ OpenGL

So all the Samples that ship for windows with the 4.1 SDK are using D3D for their textures and rendering - but the official docs have both D3D samples (same as in sample projects) and OpenGL sample code, ie : // Configure OpenGL.ovrGLConfig cfg;cfg.O...

static_assert() C++11ism incompatibility

Hi,I notice in the new 0.5.0 SDK there have been some static_assert() lines added in OVR_CAPI_GL.h. They are hidden behind #if defined(__cplusplus) however if I'm not mistaken static_assert is only available in C++11. The app I'm adding Rift support ...

matte by Level 2
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