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codec for 75fps videos?

Level 3
I want to try some 75fps videos (and 90 next year) on the rift. Uncompressed avi can be to large to handle realtime. I seem to be able to export 60fps tops with h264. Can anyone recommend a good solution that would work with hd+ resolutions?

Level 15
I'm not sure about the 60fps limit, but can I ask what the end goal is? Meaning, are you trying to play the video inside VR (like a VR Cinema app) or are you trying to record a VR game and play it back on a monitor at full speed?

Level 3
I wanted to see how 75hz 3D 360 videos would look with the Rift.

These twos videos are good for a showcase, spherical panoramic and stereoscopic:
Rites - A 3D360 Dance video performance
Jumpgate ScareCampaign

They can be sped up, and even mashed up together using layers in a video editing software, the content allows for that, the resolution is the same. It would look like the guy is a dancing ghost there, the girl appears and disappears and would look freaky at 125% speed which would go well with the concept. I can mash them together using layers and export the mashup, for my own viewing pleasure and to see and demo how that would look but I just cannot export at 75fps as a h.264 mp4.