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Can't get User ID because of "App ID Mismatch"

Level 3
I had my game under another organization at one point, but that was some time ago.  I have since replaced all the App IDs in the Oculus assets where those are stored.  I've done a thorough search and cannot find any remnants of the old App ID.  But when I attempt to retrieve the logged-in user in the Unity editor, it returns an error message:
App ID mismatch! Expected: <old app ID>, Given: <new app ID> (1971005)
I cannot figure out how it is "expecting" that old app ID, or where it is getting it from since I can't find any occurrence of it anywhere in my project.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Level 2
did you find where it came from? I got the exact smae issue

Level 2
Seems like it's some kind of cache mechanism.  I found if you simply put your new AppID into the Platform Settings, Save project and then close and re-open Unity, it fixes this issue.