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Cloud / local save is wiped upon account switch in Oculus Home

Level 2
When switching Oculus accounts in Home we noticed that our game's save data is wiped. That is when we sign out of an account which has unlockables to another account which has a different set of unlockables, the save data is missing is the second account, which is reported by our game, then a new save profile is created by our game. When we switch back to the original logged in account with more unlockables, that save data goes missing as well and recreated by our game.

We noticed this behavior on a selected few of our test machines and it is not reproducible on any machine. We can repro this case 100% of the time, if it starts happening on that machine. I can confirm both accounts have developer role access to our title.

I'm not sure what's triggering Home to delete the saves but after digging around in the Oculus service logs, we found this bit which may or may not be related:
25/09 19:03:30.514 {INFO}    [OculusAppFramework.cpp] App Event ClientCreate for pid 9524
25/09 19:03:30.514 {DEBUG} [Server] Hmd_GetHmdInfo
25/09 19:03:30.518 {INFO} [OculusApps] [oculus_platform_event] { event_type: oaf_console, message: [FBNSHandler] Push token: {"k":"<redacted>=","v":0,"t":"fbns-b64"}, source_app_id: <app id redacted>, }
25/09 19:03:30.538 {DEBUG} [CloudStoragePlugin] Cleaning save that is not in current remote saves set: <app id redacted> RawData:SVRSettingsSlot
25/09 19:03:30.538 {DEBUG} [CloudStoragePlugin] Deleting save : RawData SVRSettingsSlot
Any thoughts?