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How to Voip in Unity?

I'm trying to set up Voip in Unity but can't hear anything.I've set up a Voip.SetVoipStateChangeCallback() which confirms that msg.GetNetworkingPeer().ID is correct and msg.GetNetworkingPeer().State is Connected.From there I pass .GetNetworkingPeer()...

P2P tutorial

Hey!Does somebody knows how to implement Oculus P2P on Unity?I tried to use the samples on Oculus Assets, but they crashed, and I can't find a tutorial to implement it.

How to give someone an IAP?

We have a section in our experience which must be purchased via IAP in order to access it. That is all set up and working great.Is there some way that I can 'gift' the IAP to selected users so that they can access it without needing to buy the IAP? F...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Social Starter scene

Hello everyone.I have encountered an issue when it comes to inviting people to my SocialStarter scene from the OVRAvatar SDK.. I first had an error '0: Error: OVR6139226' that was prohibiting me ability to connect to the server but I seem to have sin...

Tallme2 by Level 2
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Oculus Touch gamepad emulation issue

HeyaOur first game Radial-G had Oculus Touch gamepad emulation added to the build listing by the Oculus team and for a while it worked fine. However recently I have noticed that the Touch is no longer initially recognised as a gamepad until go back i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! PC Oculus entitlements failing

My previously passing Oculus entitlements are now failing on Unity - PC - build exe, yet the entitlements pass in the Unity editor and on Android builds.PC entitlements were passing 2 days ago, no change in my scripts. Might this be an Oculus server ...

Event with deeplink

Hello, have you try use event with deeplink? I would like to run my app and jump to different menu. But only for people whos are subscribed to event. Is it possible?

VoIP stops working upon headset mount

I'm having the strangest problem here...So I've upgraded to Unity 2018.3.3f1 and gotten the latest Oculus Integration (1.34) from the Asset Store, which was supposed to have fixed all the incompatibilities.I then set up a clean room experiment where ...