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The anwer to MotionSickness..

Alot of people hav motion sickness. Its anoying and so butt i think i got the solution. Look at it this way.. minecraft enderman. U look at them Ingame and theyr angry. But look at them in real life and u can stare at them without the game knowing it...

Sharing Videos

Hi friends,I have a few videos I want to share. I tried to post one to Facebook but it was several minutes long. I got a notification that it would let me know but.....Internet speed shouldn't be an issue. Nothing posted to my timeline or group. Has ...

Medium crashes on import of object

Hello - like many others I'm having issues with Medium crashing when I attempt to 'import object as clay'. Unfortunately all the fixes, replies and work arounds I'm seeing are very old or not applicable.Medium was working fine with very complex meshe...

Transparent/glass materials in medium?

There have been so many things I have gone to make that require transparent materials like glass, water, gems, etc. I am just wondering why there is no way to make materials transparent or if that is even a possible update. The metallic and light mat...

eithman by Level 4
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