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JNI Dependencies and cross-platform build

Hi all, I'm currently working for a project for which I need to detect whether an Oculus device is plugged or not.I do so using the usb4java library usb4java. org.usb4java usb4java-javax 1.2.0 I want to build my program using Maven and Jenkins, which...


Wanted to share this contest that we're sponsoring with Pinshape and Mold3D! Design your avatar using Medium and enter to win Form 2 3D printer (for bringing your sculpts to life), an Oculus Rift + Touch (great for gifting or for your second set up),...

naycorn by Level 7
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The anwer to MotionSickness..

Alot of people hav motion sickness. Its anoying and so butt i think i got the solution. Look at it this way.. minecraft enderman. U look at them Ingame and theyr angry. But look at them in real life and u can stare at them without the game knowing it...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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