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APK's installation

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Hello to all,


We are Immersive Factory, a French company that publishes and develops VR training modules (EHS) and we would like to deploy our catalogue (more than 20 courses) on Oculus Quest 2.

Our courses are developed with Unity and our store in Java + Webview.

We have already successfully ported our Unity applications, however our store is more problematic:


We have managed to launch and display our store on Oculus Quest 2 and start downloading our applications but the installation of the applications seems to be blocked. We know that this limitation is probably due to Android 10 not allowing "no system" apps to install other apps.
Is there a way (Android overlay, service, intent?) to install APKs from another java application?


Unfortunately, our store also ensures the security and updates of our training modules and we therefore absolutely need it to work.

Thank you in advance,