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Availability of Quest 2 for Developers

Level 3

It think its safe to say we are excited to develop our titles for the Quest 2, wasnt considering current gen headsets but with 2k res and the power, we think we can develop the titles for standalone quest 2 without pc requirement. However getting access to a physical device may be hard to get as its being released.

Is there a developer option when purchasing that anyone is aware of?

Much appreciated

Level 2
That is a question I'd like to see answered as well.

Yes I'm also interested in the answer. Cant wait to develop apps and games for this awesome pice of hardware 😄

Level 7
Ik would expect, most devs Just have to wait until the q2 is shipped. In the mean time, use a Quest 1 and your app will work Just the same or better once you receive your q2. 

Level 3
It would be very, very good

Level 4
Apps don't work on Quest 2 just cause they work on Quest 1...
 I've been browsing the forums trying to get an answer to an issue I'm having with a save feature, and many others are having similar issues.

Level 3
Got my hands on a quest 2, purchased through company and we have decided to discontinue development for the oculus platform based on their stance on privacy.