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Build your First VR App questions

Level 2

I have a little experience with Blender and was very excited at the chance to get started using Unity on the Amateur level to design some small VR experiences but I'm having trouble with the basic tutorial. I am using Unity 2018.4.2fl as that was suggested in your tutorial here (

I have 3 questions -

1. In step 10 it says to set the camera position to 0, 5, 0 and the Rotation to 20, 0, 0 so you can see the play area better. Do they mean to say set the rotation to 90, 0, 0?

2. In the version of Unity that I have selected I can't find the edit button, but when I double click on my C# language program titled PlayerController it opens up Visual Studio. Am I doing that right?

3. After opening Visual Studio I selected the text that was in that folder, deleted it and replaced it with the code used in step 2 of Part 2 (Add a control script to your Player). For some reason, the ball isn't moving. What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance, I feel like I must be doing something obvious incorrectly. If there's anything else I'm supposed to do to help solve my problem or to help you out please let me know.


Level 4
1. It doesn't really matter, just find a rotation that looks best to you.
2. Yes.
3. There could be lots of things wrong, did you name the script the same thing that they did? If you didn't there would be compiler errors. Have you attached the script to the relevant object?

If none of these work then you probably just missed a very small step somewhere in the tutorial, just go back through it carefully.

Level 2
EDIT : Oops, sorry, I replied in the wrong topic :s (too many tab opened ...)

Level 2

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