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Built Unity Quest 2 Game just to test it out, want to delete it and i Cant!

It's 300MB, it's not finished or perfected...i just wanted to try it out how it works so far in quest standalone. So i built it. it got build nicely and it's in the quest but so i checked it out and it still needs work. So i went to Storage in the Quest settings, and to Unkonwn Sources, checked the box next to it and prssed the Garbageg icon( delete) and it just doesn't delete it.

Why does it do this?

When i contacted Meta Support in chat they just told me "You're only supposed to play the games from the store". Oh really? then how come Oculus vr  and developers forum and tutorials and all that exists? I would guess they encourage us to learn and make our own.

Anyways, annyone have any clue how I'm gonna delete this draft game from my quest?