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Casting from Q2 to phone on secondary account?

Level 2


My partner is the Admin/primary account on the Quest 2. He can connect his phone on the app and cast just fine, so I can watch him play from his phone. But if I want to play on my account, the secondary, he can’t watch me play.
We can’t cast via my account on either of our phones. Both my phone and the oculus can find each other on Bluetooth but it may not fully connect. The 5-digit code to connect was found in the About tab on the admin account, but entering this code on my account on my phone is only intended to cast the oculus to his phone on his account.

From what I gather from troubleshooting, only the admin account can cast. We would love to suggest to make a way for the admin to give permission to allow the secondary account to cast so players can take turns watching each other play and we can guide each other learning to use game features.


Level 2

I agree with this wholeheartedly.  We bought a Quest 2 for our kids for Christmas and only one of them can cast.  If multiple accounts can be created on the Quest 2 to play, they should all be allowed to cast.  At the very least, as Rosehipjewels suggests, give the admin account the ability to allow others to cast.  I spent an hour the day after Christmas with Oculus support trying to resolve the issue only to find out it's not even possible.  This seems like a very basic functionality that should be supported by the app.

I just did the same thing that you did. I spent half the morning with my wife and child waiting for me to be able to set up the iPhone as advertised. No where do I see anything saying primary account only. Very upsetting. Waste of time. Should stipulate primary account only when advertising so people like you and I know. Wish you the best day and thank you for your time writing this so I don’t feel crazy too. 

Level 2

Very good point, same issue here, but looks like there is no reply from Facebook on this yet. If anyone find a solution, please share.