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Discussion about the fog effect of Unreal 4, if it reaches 72hz on the quest platform

Level 2

We are using UE 4.26 to develop mission-based games

But we encountered a technical problem about the fog effect.

I want to add a fog effect to the scene, but the scene uses the fog effect of UE4, which consumes a lot of performance.

Then try POST process to simulate the fog effect. When the HDR effect of the phone is turned off, the Android mode does not support post-processing.
Therefore, packaging into the headset has no effect, but the ordinary ES3.1 mode is feasible. I don't know if there is a problem with the settings, or quest vr does not support it.
This question may be relatively elementary, but it is still more difficult for us. He has troubled us for 2 months, and there has been no particularly good solution.

I wonder if I can share some production methods and ideas, how can I use ue4 to produce a satisfactory fog effect on the quest platform!


Hope to get answers and help from the predecessors!


Level 3


Me and my dev team is sitting in the same boat here. Still early on in a project.

Did you figure any solution for this?

We did not find a suitable, high-performance fog solution. Now give up this effect.
I hope you have found a good way to share it, so that people who encounter such problems in the future will avoid detours!