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Dynamic Shadow

Level 3
I can't get dynamic shadows working.

Using Unreal UE4 4.25.
Directional Light --> Stationary
Cast Shadows: True
Dynamic Shadows: True

What am I missing here?



Level 2
Hi there.

Have you found out how to get the shadows working for Oculus Quest 2?

Thank you and have a great day.

Level 3
yes, I got it all working. join me on my slack channel.. easier to communicate and help each other. 
you'll get the invite link when you just sign up via my website

Level 2

Any chance of sharing how you got it to work here in the forum?  I'm using the same light settings and my character receives/casts shadows while in the editor but once deployed to the Q2 it no longer receives or casts shadows.

dynamic shadows don't work on the Quest

Level 2

They actually do but with a lot of limitations, I found this link helpful.


My specific issue was resoled by making sure I was previewing with Vulkan in the editor and using the console command r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold 0.015.  And now my character casts dynamic shadows on the Q2.

interesting, because it says near the top of your link info:


The features listed below are supported on mobile platforms:

- Dynamic objects receive lighting correctly but do not cast shadows.

Level 2

Perhaps this information is out of date with recent UE4 or Vulkan updates.  My character is casting dynamic shadows onto static objects from a moveable directional light.  Moveable point and spot lights are not cast dynamic shadows