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How can I give my client access to a build without making them a developer?

Level 3
I want (need) to give some staff at our client's office access to a recent build.  It seems that I can add their email to that distribution channel, but they can not put the headset in developer mode without being a member of our organization (or maybe they need to create a different org.?)  I don't want them to have general developer rights (e.g. build management) or a view to the other modules we are working on - which appear in the library menu on the quest even if you are not subscribed to them but are a company developer.

How is this intended to work?  Feels really broken right now.

Level 5
As I understand it, you can't.  They have to be tagged as a developer to side-load.  Otherwise, you have to get your app on to the Oculus store.  

Level 3
Thanks for your reply!  However, I'm not talking about side loading - but the problem is the same.
To side-load you need to be in developer mode - which means, now, you need to be tagged as a dev in our organization.
To download a pre-release build from the store - you don't need dev mode, but you still need to be tagged as a dev in our organization. 

We would like to have pre-release users that do not have full "dev" privileges.  Any person who is a dev can see all the apps we are working on, regardless of whether or not we have given them access.  If they don't have access they still appear in the "not installed" section - but have a "not compatible" message.  We very much do not want a person from client A seeing that we are working on something for client B.  Also, any dev has access to build settings on the management pages - that is not appropriate for general pre-release testers.

It seems like currently there is no way to appropriately expose a build to a client.  For us this is a high priority issue.  Anyone else out there facing the same problems?


Level 4
Just upload a build to your beta channel and add their email to it. It will send them an invite and show up in their "My Preview Apps" 

Level 3
Hi Justin - what you suggest is how it used to work.  Now the person must be a member of the developer organization group.  See above for details on why is this not appropriate.

Thanks though!