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How to detect a 'reset view' started from the universal menu?

Level 3

I am developing a VR application for the Quest platform (using Unity 2020.1.11f1).
My application needs to detect whenever the user has performed a 'recenter pose' operation.

A 'recenter pose' operation can be issued in 2 ways (as far as I know):
1) From the application code, by calling OVRManager.display.RecenterPose()
2) From the user pressing the Oculus button in the application, then selecting 'Reset view' in the universal menu.

I tried registering an Action handler to OVRManager.display.RecenteredPose to detect recenter pose operations.


This action handler does get called as expected in the former scenario (recenter pose operation issued from application code).
This action handler does not get called in the latter scenario (recenter pose operation issued started from Universal menu > Reset view).


Does anyone know how to properly detect any recenter pose having being performed, irrespective of the way it was issued?

Any input is appreciated!