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How to set up mic input correctly in Unreal?

Level 2

I'm currently working on my final year project for Uni and need to access the microphone in the Quest 2. I've found the AudioCapture component and assigned a submix to it and then I'm recording this input which is then played back through the headset. When using the VR Preview it does exactly what I expect, I can hear myself through the headset audio and can then hear the recording play back once it's complete too, however the problem is when I try to launch it onto the device instead, nothing happens, and no sound occurs. I've put in print strings to make sure the blueprints are still being run through, which they are, but no audio is present. I'm unsure as to what could be causing this. Any help would be much appreciated.

Level 2

Hi did you ever figure this out?

i'm having the same issue...

Level 2

Hi, I found that in UE4.27 there is a permission setting in Project Setting->Platforms Android -> Advanced APK Packaging -> Add Permission to Support Voice Chat (RECORD_AUDIO) = True.


I think that is required to be able to use the Mic Input through Audio Capture. Unfortunately, I can find a way to acknowledge that permission as a Developer Mode in my Quest 2, anyone managed to make this work?