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Identify Oculus Quest device on a local network.

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From a Windows PC, I am trying to indentify an Oculus Quest device connected to the same WIFI as the host computer.


By doing a Ping Sweep, I am able to get a response from the Quest, and I've confirmed one of the IPs returned by the the ping sweep corresponds to the Quest.


But afterwards, it's not possible to identify the IP by host name or device name, nothing.


This is an important feature for us because we need a host PC to "discover" all Quest devices available on the network, so our PC application can connect to our headset application.


So, is there any trick, protocol, or service running in the Quest that we could use to identify Quest devices on a network?


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In the past I used LiteNetLib running in a Unity application to allow Android and Windows devices on the same network find each other (multicasting). If I remember right the PC advertised a service and the Android devices request the service. In the request is the IP address of the device.


I think you could also use Bonjour Networking (aka Zeroconf) to do something similar, but it might not be available in Oculus' flavor of Android.