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In which cases is it allowed to use only 3DOF when publishing to applab?

Level 2

Our application uses a hybrid approach. When user is standing still, he sees a 3d model with 360 panorama projected to that model, essentially we use 360 image as a texture. This creates the illusion of volume and provides an immersive experience. We do not render these 360 images in real time, they are static, captured from a certain point. Thus we have a limitation, these 360 images have fixed height, so applying changes in user's head position to the tour cannot be achieved conventionally. In that way we are similar to the 360 videos. When user initiates the movement and during the movement animation, however, user position is being tracked and the illusion of movement through the VR world is achieved, as required by VRC.Quest.Functional.5.

But the apps in Applab only require 6DOF. 

I wrote a description of the problem in "Notes for Reviewer", but received only a negative response. How else can I pass this test?