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Is it possible to develop Oculus Quest app with Oculus GO

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How are you?
It's my pleasure for asking you this question.

Currently, I should develop Oculus Quest Game project. But unfortunately, the delivery for Quest is taking much time from now on.
And fortunately, I have GO set.
So, I would like to develop Quest app with GO.
But can't be sure if it's possible.

Could you please make me sense with this problem?

Hope to hear more from you.

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Both headsets run on Android using the OVR SDK, so you can certainly get started with the Go.  Remember you'll need to change the setting in the OVRManager to "Quest" or "Gear VR Or Go" as needed, and keep in mind that of course the Go controller is nothing like the Quest controllers, the Quest headset itself will have position tracking that you'll need to take into account, and the Quest will perform a little better than the Go.  You can at least make sure your app runs at full framerate and confirm the scale and comfort settings are appropriate, though, before your Quest arrives.