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Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) Rendering Issues

Level 3
I just upgraded a few projects to Unity 2019.2.9f1 and I am using the LWRP 6.9.0.

Right now, if I go to build just the Example Scene provided by Unity with Multi-Pass, it builds fine, but it only renders the left eye.  The right eye is black.

Now if I switch to Single Pass rendering in the project settings, the app goes to the three loading dots and then is black.  Nothing renders.

I really like what I am seeing from the Multi-pass, even though it has one eye.  Does anyone know how I can get the right eye activated or rendering?  Is this a bug?

Level 2
Same here 😞

Level 3
I tried it today with the newest version of unity and im having the same issue. Heres hoping this gets resolved soon as i would love to use the LWRP for the quest

Level 2
Same here! 😞
Does anybody has an update about this issue?!
Thanks in advance

Level 5
I've been able to get LWRP working on both 2019.2 (LWRP 6.9.2) using Multiview and 2019.3b9 (LWRP 7.1.2) using Single Pass. All I did was install the Oculus Integration asset from the store, drop an instance of the OVRCameraRig prefab into the scene, do the standard Android project settings and set Oculus as the only XR SDK under Player Settings. With 2919.3b9 I was also able to switch to URP and it worked the same.

Level 2
Restarting Unity solved it.