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My Unity game is lower resolution in the Quest 2 when built than when run from the editor.

Level 3

I don't know if this behavior is expected or if I'm doing something wrong or missing an option somewhere. My issue is that my game appears to be lower resolution when running from the Quest 2 as a built application than when I run the same game in the same headset from the Unity editor. Text, for example, becomes super blurry by comparison when I run the game from the build on the headset as opposed to looking crisp when run from the editor. It's significantly blurrier than the text in the Oculus Dashboard even when the game text might actually be larger on screen. Does anyone know of any settings I should be looking into or options I might have overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Edit: I've discovered that games don't run at full resolution by default on the Quest, and the effect can be offset by manually increasing the render resolution. In Unity this can be done by manually setting the XR resolution with
XRSettings.eyeTextureResolutionScale = whatever multiplier you like, I've gone with 1.3 for my game as that gives a nice clarity bump without too hard an impact on performance.