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Oculus Developer Hub obb download

Level 2


I'm currently working on porting a Unity game from Rift to Quest 2. The issue I'm facing is regarding split applications using obb files. I uploaded both the apk and the obb file via the Oculus Developer Hub. (ODH) However, when I install the game on the Quest 2 via ODH it installs the apk but does not download the obb file, even though the large file option is checkt in the settings. Now when I manually put the obb file on the Quest 2's file system the game is not able to load the obb file. After I put the obb file on the Quest 2 I have to reinstall the apk by drag and drop in the ODH in order to make it load the obb file. So I'm a bit concerned how the obb file handling is working with the store? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Am I doing something wrong with the ODH?