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Oculus Link + Windows Build + Handtracking + Unity

Level 2
Hello I know that you can have handtracking inside unity editor, but is it possible to:
1) Build app (just to windows platform) with hand tracking support in project
2)Then connect quest by oculus link
3) Run the app and have hand tracking?
I was testing and experimenting and it doesnt seem to work.
What is interesting if I move my hand outside the guard area it detects it.

I guess that it is not supported yet or will never be. Anyone knows something about it?

Level 3
It was working. But not anymore since the V16.0

Level 2
Does somebody have news on this subject?
I use Oculus Integration v16, works great in Unity Editor but hands do not appear in Windows Build + Link.

Level 4
I'd also like to follow up with this. Having Quest+Link with Hands in a Desktop build has numerous great usecases for experiential projects. Would be great to get an official response to this, or a workaround. Clearly it's not a technical issue but rather a choice from Oculus to prevent that from happening in a build.

Level 2

read this:

Note: We support the use of hand tracking on PC through the Unity Editor, when using Oculus Quest + Oculus Link. This functionality is only supported in the Unity Editor to help improve iteration time for Oculus Quest developers.

Level 4
Yes, that's what all here want to change 🙂 There's so many great things in spaces like Museums that could be achieved by having a tethered experience with Hand Tracking.

Level 3
Yes that would be extremely useful to be able to use that in PC build with Quest + Link!

Level 2
Too bad it has been disabled, I've been searching for hours why the hands do not display with pc build + quest + link
Please get it back.

Level 4
Not sure if this is exactly related but I am seeing different behaviors with regards to hand tracking in the Unity editor vs in a build and run. In the editor, the controllers disappear once hand tracking starts, whereas in the build, controllers don't disappear and the UI pointer line still comes from them rather than the hands. Anyone seen something similar?

Level 2

Can someone from Oculus give us an update on what is the status on hand tracking for Oculus Link + Oculus Quest on PC build?

I would really love to see this working!