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Oculus/Meta browser

Level 3

I enjoy watching Disney+ on the Oculus/Meta browser and using the theater screen mode so I can reposition the view up so I can watch while relaxing in my recliner. I am having 2 issues.


The first issue is the headset started going into standby mode after about 15 minutes, even though in the settings I have it set at 4 hours.


The second issue started after the last update. This issue I am unable to reposition the screen to watch the shows in the upper position. when I try to reposition the screen, it goes back to the default position after I click confirm.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


Level 3

What device do you have?

When you mention the latest update, is that the latest update of the browser or of the operating system?

Sorry I did miss that info. I have the Quest2 and it was after the last operating system update the 2nd issue with the repositioning of the screen.

Level 2

I have the same issue with my Oculus Quest. The Oculus Browser screen can't be repositioned which is a problem for watching Disney+. If you reset the view, it just pops back to the original position when you release the controller button.

@cabanier @Sindrix 

I have an update on this issue, and I made a quick video tutorial of the issue to my Meta Q2 Browser. I hope this clarifies things for everyone.