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Oculus Multiplayer Features implementation problems with returned data

Level 2

Currently we are working on the Oculus Multiplayer Features, concretely with the Group Launch, Invite Link, Invite to app... We are using Unity v2019.4.17f1, OculusIntegration v32.0 and OVRPlugin v1.64.0


One of our main problems is that we didnt found a way to easily discriminate the source of the launch, when it come from Invite to App, Invite Link or Launch Group. Using the tool LaunchDetails the response we obtain is that it is coming from DeepLink (LaunchType, LaunchSource)


Acceding to the method LaunchDetails, we are trying to ask with wich users is he trying to acces to the game, when they are using Launch Group, using their methods launchDetails.Users and launchDetails.UserOptional. But both come empty.


When the user come from any of this mentioned sources, all of them launch the same event SetJoinIntentReceivedNotificationCallback. Using as callback the message OnJoinIntentChangeNotif(Message<Oculus.Platform.Models.GroupPresenceJoinIntent> message) the information we recieved isn't look like very helpfull. Having accese to the message.Date, where it provide us the Deeplink, Destination, LobbyID and MatchID but we haven't got acces to wich users ar joining the game with Group Launch, or who is the leader of the group.


We have researched the SDK but not seems that we can dispose to a callback that give us the information we need to process that entry (How he is accesing or with wich one is accesing). It just look like we only can know to where he is going or the extra information we previusly decide to send in the DeepLink message.