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Oculus Quest 2 position tracking accuracy and precision

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I'm developing an application for research purposes with Unreal Engine and Oculus Quest 2. I gather data about the position of the headset on each frame. I couldn't find any resource on the accuracy and precision of the Oculus Quest 2 position tracking of the headset. Is there any resource out there about the precision and accuracy of the Oculus Quest 2? I'm also trying to find where the centre of the headset is located on the head.




Level 4

I think that's highly dependent on things like room ligthning, and if you move the controllers outside the visible tracking space of the cameras. Guess you need to get a private contact withing the Oculus dev team to be able to get internal metrics for things like that. Nothing I have ever heard about.

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That's unfortunate. I guess I'll have to make a few tests to try to figure it out.

I guess so. Please share your findings if you can!

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Sure, I'll try to remember 🙂

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There are some scientific measurements available that have been done by a German institution here.

If you want a quick overview in English, this reddit post should do a good job, otherwise feel free to ask.


The TLDR: For Quest you can expect sub-millimeter accuracy.

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Thanks! This is very useful.