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Oculus Quest2 : suddenly "tracking lost" is constantly happen

Level 2

Hello we are developer that some VR application on Quest platform.

And we are now using Oculus Quest2 for dev machine. 


From yesterday, our quest2 was not working in error loop;

tracking lost -> setting guardian -> Lobby menu -> connecting PC-> tracking lost 

* OS version 26. 


We did almost everything in internet workaround .
- power off and restart 
- Reset to factory setting 
- unpair / repair controller 

- go to settings > device > hands and controllers > switch hand tracking to on or off

- Change to another places 
- Giving additional lights (but it was working before in that place)

- C:\UsersUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Oculus and deleted all the "Guardian.txt" files

Because we are developer in Korea, which means there is no A/S center nearby. Is there any other way we could do it? Our app dev is stuck on this.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! We're very sorry to hear that you're experiencing a tracking issue with your Quest 2. We appreciate you taking time to troubleshoot this matter further on your end and we'd be more than happy to continue working on this with you. Please click here to submit a ticket and we'll be in touch!