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Open URL in Oculus Browser from Unity application

Level 5
The title basically says it all. Is it possible for an application to open the Oculus Browser with a specific URL? Maybe through App Deep Linking?

Level 5
I guess I can answer this myself.
Application.OpenURL() seems to do the trick. No need to overcomplicate things.

Application.OpenURL seems to work for Windows, but what if I am on the Quest?

Yes what should we do If We have build the apk for quest and inside the apk when when we hit the button it doesn't seems to open the web browser. Did you got any solution for this problem ? 

Application.OpenURL() I used this and it was working on PC when I hit play in unity, but when I exported the apk The link didn't opened in Quest 

Level 3

Still no solution for that?

Level 2

Any feedback?