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Quest 2 black screen with 3 dots, but only for my own app.

Level 2

Hi all,


I have loaded an apk built in Unity (2020.03).  project works perfectly in editor.  I load the apk via Oculus Developer Hub, which reports being successful.  I can launch the app either from ODH or on device from unknown sources.


However...  The app's splash screen will load (oddly just mine, not Unity's) and then a quick second flash of my app, then black, three moving dots, and the guardian.  for ever.  have to hard reset the device.  pressing the oculus button will bring up the quit app screen, but only for a quick second and back to black.


Any suggestions?  




Level 2

Follow up:  Same result on both my quest and quest 2, so the problem is likely in app.  What are your favorite tools for debugging on device?  I have OVRmetrics available, as well as the standard ODH performance tab.


Again, app performs as expected in editor, build is successful, and loads correctly for a split second.  Then the black screen of three balls…. I did notice some usb debugging permissions requests acting funny (I have to accept like 5 times before it “sticks”, could be related?)


Any other suggestions?  So very grateful in advance.

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I remember this happening to me in the past. I think it was because the "Stereo Rendering Mode" was set incorrectly in the XR Plugin Management settings for Android.


Try running the "OVR Performance Lint" tool (Under the Oculus menu if you've got the Oculus Integration installed). I think that will point out issues like this.

This occurred when the app's performance was extremely poor. Try removing most details in the map, including the character or skeletal mesh (spawn a spectator instead, if need-be). It should be running better. Then, you can narrow the root problem and then optimize that asset.