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Quest 2 passthrough for AR Unreal Engine

Level 2

When will pass through and camera depth be entirely available for Unreal Developers to access?

Everything I’m seeing shows it’s available now in unity but I see nothing about Unreal? 

Passthrough functionality and depth information access needs to be something that ALL DEVELOPERS are allowed access to ASAP, otherwise it will be awhile before there Unreal Community catches up to Oculus based AR.


Level 5

Just to lower expectations a bit (because after the announcement for the Passthrough API I also assumed this would mean depth data is available to developers): Passthrough in Unity can currently only be enabled and configured to a certain degree (color, display edges, blending). Accessing depth or even just the passthrough camera data is currently not possible. Since this is likely locked down on purpose, due to privacy reasons, we have to assume that a Passthrough API for Unreal will have the same limitations for the time being.