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Quest Approval - Please help (Flight Unlimited)

Level 4
Hello, I'm a bit frustrated that our pitch for the Quest is being rejected, without any feedback.
I can't imagine which aspects of our game are causing the rejection.

We've been working for many months on a massive game, that has an enormous following.
The game is called Flight Unlimited, and we released it for mobile about 6 years ago.
The game has over 5 Million downloads world wide.

Our plan was to surprise our fans by bringing the next iteration of Flight Unlimited to the Quest.
It's the perfect platform for flight simulators.

I can't imagine why our pitch has been rejected.  We have a massive following for the game, and it's a perfect fit technology wise for the Quest.

Is there someone I can speak with to figure out where we're going wrong with our pitch?
We have a great deal of work already invested in this game. We never imagined that it wouldn't be approved.

Sorry for posting this here, but if we can't get this approved for the Quest, we're in big trouble. 
I can't seem to get in touch with the Quest review team directly for feedback.



Level 3
It's heartbreaking to read posts like this.

Level 4

andybak said:

It's heartbreaking to read posts like this.

Thanks, yeah, it's very frustrating when you have your livelihood invested in these projects.  Hopefully we're able to get some input from someone on the Quest team.

Level 4
Can you post a link to your game? There seem to be multiple different games with the name "Flight Unlimited".
I would like to see a flight game on the Quest, did you consider to sell your game on a third party store if Oculus doesn't want to add it to the official store for some reason? (There is a popular third party site for other refused Quest games, but im not sure if im allowed to name or link it in here)