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Quest Link requires unplug replug to reset the Link leading to wear and tear on the usb-c connector

Level 2
When the link between the oculus pc software goes haywire. It requires an unplug and replug to get it to reset. This is unacceptable because I am going to wear out the contacts in the quest usb-c doing this. I can see the quest knows whats going on internally. Just have it do a link reconfigure using one of the spare buttons such as pressing the audio button or something.
Also it seems the joggling of the usb-c cable knocks out the link. This may be already due to accidentally stepping on the cable and putting undo forces on the connector. There needs to be something like a 2 inch strain relief usb-c we can attach so the brunt of all the mistreatment to the connector happens to the strain relief and not on the quest headset's connector.

Level 5
I can recommend a magsafe connector that works fine with Link. I have tested it with my Link and it works fine.  But you have to have the plastic clip that came with the Link cable to take the weight of the cable.  Or use a twist-tie or velcro cable tamer.  The magnet is not strong enough to hold by itself.