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Quest developer mode suddenly disappear

Level 3

Everything is alright yesterday.

Today I found that the unknown source in Quest is disappear and I cannot connect my Quest via ADB.

Also the developer mode setting is not found in Oculus App.

What happened?


Level 3

Thanks for the information of ManickBi and lazer220.

At this moment what I found:


1. Add payment method make the developer mode option show on Oculus App again.

And disappear when removed it.


2. Without payment method, you can still enable the developer mode with Oculus Developer Hub app.

But your computer should have bluetooth, as you cannot connect it via USB before turn on the developer mode.

Level 2

Adding a cc to verify it brought back the option in the oculus app, but no matter what, its not working as expected, as im trying o install an app, it says that its installed correctly but it doesnt appear in unknown sources, no matter how much i try, restarting the headset and everything

+1 for this. Adding credit card fixed it. (Was already verified by phone number.)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks everyone for the heads up! We've indeed received reports regarding some verified developers unable to access Developer Mode (which is preventing the running, debugging and testing of apps).


The current workaround: you can put your device into Developer Mode by connecting to it through Bluetooth using the Oculus Developer Hub. Our engineers are currently working to fix the issue - we'll update this post when we have more information!

Thanks for checking in, @mouse_bear .

Since the Oculus Developer Hub workaround won't work with an Oculus Go, can you confirm whether the "official" fix will also make the option reappear in the Oculus App for Oculus Go headset settings?

Same problem, account verified, developer option disappeared and I don't have a credit card. I have read the instructions for the ODH but it requires to activate the developer option from the mobile app! In practice, as if the problem were to open the car and the solution was to take the key inside the locked car! Is there a timeline for resolving the problem? Thanks.

If your PC has bluetooth, you can add device to ODH via bluetooth.

During the steps, you will see the option of enable developer mode.


I can't connect Quest 2 to ODH. The bluetooth works, the Q2 connects via BT to the smartphone. But the ODH can't find the Q2.

Level 4

I've updated the app on my smartphone and now the developer option is present but when you select it it sends me back to the browser to create a developer account. I connect to my account, but then the page with the instructions opens, what should I do to activate?