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Quest developer mode suddenly disappear

Level 3

Everything is alright yesterday.

Today I found that the unknown source in Quest is disappear and I cannot connect my Quest via ADB.

Also the developer mode setting is not found in Oculus App.

What happened?


Level 3

Same issue here, can't find the unknown sources and can't connect the headset via adb. Whats goin' on with Facebook!!! added some more difficulty! if I bought an oculus, its not completely mine.......... is it so............ too many restriction ! hates!!!

Level 3

I found that it may related to this

but I still cannot access developer mode after verify my accounts following the guide.

even my account also verified with the mobile number, still no luck!!!! how do I get back the developer mode enabled............!  its frustrating !!!

Level 5

Same issue here. Even for my test users it's gone. Had to stop working and send developers home early today at work.


Thanks Mark

Level 4

Hey there - I agree - I've been adding test users this week, and all of a sudden the developer mode setting has disappeared from the Oculus app


The 'Developer' option still appear in the main settings menu when wearing the headset


However whilst this allows you to disable the Guardian view the files on the PC - it doesn't show the 'unknown sources' panel.


I gather that the Oculus app is the only thing that enables 'Unknown Sources'  


SideQuest and Unknown Sources still work on the users / headsets that were already configured with the app within the last few weeks - but any setups we're trying today with the developer account don't see SideQuest and Unknown sources is hidden.


It's a real show-stopper for us right near the end of a testing product launch.


I had verified my developer account so it's not to do with that. 


Please Oculus - give us our button back!

I'm certain it's not this - as we had verified the account

They haven't even Windows 11 support done yet. Seems like we can go on vacation for a while now.

Level 3

yes we need the developer mode back on the oculus companion app. please enable that back, can't test anything today.............! disappointing.......!

Level 2

Same here, dev mode gone and uknown sources not showing up. The enable dev mode button in the phone app is no where to te found.