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Re: Meta avatars + Oculus interaction hands

Level 2
  • Its first time
  • This is my project and would like to snap avatar hands the same way as hand mesh
  • tried to resize LeftHandSyntetic, Looked in the HandModifier. placed Avatar with "SampleAvatarEntity" script under OculusInteractionSampleRig prefab. The same with the right hand. It is not an issue but when I hide mesh the avatar hands are not precise when grabbing because there are 
  • no hand poses recorded.
  • The same issue is in other locations.
  • avatar hands.png

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for getting back with us! To better assist you, we'd like to direct you to the developer part of the forum. You can use this link. You'll get more detailed help as needed! 

Retired Support

Moving this to the developer section of the forums so you can get some better help!

Level 3

Hey Andrew!

Is there any new updates for this issue! 

Hope your help! Thanks

Level 2

Can u help me to create an meta avatar that can interact with objects? Also wrote u from discord