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Receiving UDP Multicasts on Oculus Quest

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Hey everyone!
I am developing an application that supports local multiplayer between multiple Quests and Windows PCs. For discovering available Sessions the host sends a UDP multicast over the network. Those multicasts are then received by other clients and they hereby know the host's IP address.
The discovery works completely fine between Windows machines and when hosting on a Quest and joining from Windows. However, when hosting on Windows and trying to join with a Quest the multicast is not received on the Quest and I am not able to join the session.

Searching the internet for my issue I discovered 3 possible reasons why this might be happening:
1. Setting up necessary Android permissions for the application
2. Acquiring a MulticastLock to allow Android to process incoming multicast packages
3. Apparently some devices are not able to receive multicasts at all.

I already tried the first two reasons, but unfortunately I wasn't able to solve the problem.

Has anyone been able to receive multicasts on the Quest and point me in the right direction on how to achieve this?

Level 3
Hello there, could you resolve this problem? I'm trying to receive OSC data via UDP on the quest and can't figure out if it is even possible to do this since I can't find any documentation about this.