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Roomscale Tracking inconsistent

Level 2

Hi Everyone,
I developed an app where there are 3D Models in VR, which represent furniture in real life.
The purpose of this app is to see the furniture in VR but feel it in real life.
The problem is, that the tracking of the real world has to be consistent and accurate, so that the position of the 3D Model / scene is always exact at the position of the furniture in real life. That works as long as the Quest 2 doesn't go in Standy or gets moved out of the guardian.
If this happens, sometimes the guardian can not be found or is positioned slightly different, when waking up the Quest 2 from Standby. 
Is there something like an external tracker, or some other solution, which can help to keep the positioning/tracking as consistent and accurate as I need it for my app?

Additional Information:
The App gets streamed via Airlink onto the Quest 2 and is built in Unreal Engine 4.27.2 .

Any hints welcome. 😉