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Seperate Geometry displayed in Left / Right Eye to create Stereo Photos on Quest?

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Dear community,

we have gathered today, to discuss a rather important question: Is it possible to render different things in left and right eye, respectively?
Everything works flawlessly in the Editor and Oculus Link, but the build doesn't show the texture in 3D, only flat.

This is my setup:
In Unity I put 2 Planes at the same location, 1 with left eye texture, 1 with right eye texture. Both are set to different layers.
Culling masks of OVRCameraRig's 'LeftEyeAnchor' / 'RightEyeAnchor' are set to exclude one of the two layers, so the left eye sees plane 1, right eye sees plane 2.
In OVRCameraRig Settings I already enabled "Use Per Eye
This works with Oculus Link.

Goal: Display a stereoscopic photo inside a Unity scene

Problem: The build doesn't work on the Quest. Is that because it renders in a single pass?

Any help appreciated! The right solution receives 10$ via paypal 😉



Level 2
Hi Felix, I have this working reliably (ish) on Quest and have just done what you describe.  I think there might be some bugs in the both eye camera settings though as I noticed that it seems to set the eye separation to 10 cm instead of the 6.n cm that single-cam mode provides, so I perceive a scale jump on switching between the modes, but this appears to be common to both Quest, link and editor. My guess is that the both eye camera setting is not commonly used and might be buggy, but I've not had a problem with the stereo rendering that you mention.  Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.

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Do you switch your project to URP ?

Seems the parameter "Use Per Eye Cameras" is not compatible with URP renderer. If you want to do this, you need to switch to standard pipeline...

In URP, the output  > target eye parameter of Camera don't have left / right enum, juste "none" and "both":


But in Standard: 



if someone have a solution ti do this in URP, I'm interested !