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Solved: Android sdk install on Unity 2019 LTS fails to set adb env vars

Level 3
The title says it all. Attempting to use Unity with Oculus Quest 2. After a seemingly successful install on 2019 LTS, and double-checking on Hub that the android components are installed, attempting to run adb.exe from command line fails as not found. Checking the path and environment variables, nothing is correctly set. Setting ONLY the path works fine (the android tools are in fact correctly installed by Unity) but then ADB needs the ADB_VENDOR_KEYS and possibly the ANDROID_SERIAL, neither of which were ever set. The Oculus instructions tell me to only install Android Studio if I am on Unity 2018, which I am not, so I worry that doing so will create two, parallel installs of ADB and confusion will ensue. What is the vendor key? I think I know my oculus quest 2's serial.