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Strange OVROverlay movement.

Level 2

I'm working on a Unity project that has odd behavior for OVROverlays. When in the Quest and looking at a stationary object with an OVROverlay component, turning the head causes the overlay to appear to move a small bit in that direction. The display seems to then slide back to where its supposed to be. This movement has no relationship to the game object actually moving. 

This happens to all overlays in this project.  As a test, I added the same overlay both to a sample project and to our game. The overlay in the sample project sat still, while the one in our project exhibits this behavior.

A last data point: movies made of the behavior through the Oculus Developer Hub do not show the problem. 

This evidence makes me think that we have somehow not set up our camera, renderer or device correctly.

Anyone have any ideas about a solution? Systems to check?