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Switching from VR mode to 2D mode in unity?

Level 2
I'm trying to allow my Oculus Quest app to switch from VR mode to 2D mode or vice versa
I'm using Unity.
This can be done on Cardboard/Daydream like this by switchin XR modes:
Is it possible with the Quest?


Level 2

i am also looking for this, did you find any solution?

Level 5

Are you using XR Plugin Management? If so, you can manually manage the loading of XR Plugins by calling XRLoader.Start() / XRLoader.Stop().


Some more information and example code can be found in the Unity forum:

Level 5

Wait, I just realized that this question was about switching to 2D mode for an Oculus QUEST App. In that case ignore my comment, I don't think this is currently supported in Unity. While it's possible to sideload traditional apps and start them via Oculus TV, there's currently no way to switch between such a mode and VR, afaik.


You might have better luck with this by using WebXR. With WebXR it's sort of common to start on a 2D page in a browser and switch to immersive mode and back through some kind of user interaction.