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Unity3d read USB serial port data in app in Oculus Quest 2

Level 2

I try to create program in Unity, that will be conect Arduino project with Oculus Quest 2 using serial port (USB to USB). And i have few questions:
1) What the device nameof USB port (I found that the name is /dev/ttyHS0 but not shure)
2) Can i get access to port? Curently i get message that access denied (chmod: crw-rw---- and i can't change it) 
The main idea is read information from Arduino device in string format and work with this in Unity Apk.
In Manifest was added all requered permisions. 


Level 4

udp or bluetooth better

I know but idea was to power device using oculus and i was think it was the simple solution, can you add some information about connecting using UDP and Bluetooth. Maybe some articles that you know? 
Thank for information