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Upload an app - oculus developer hub problem

Level 2

I am trying to upload a virtual reality app for architecture in the oculus store via oculus developer hub.
When I try to upload the app I get a banner with the following errors:


* Your copy of Oculus Platform Command Line Utility is old. *
* Version was released on Thu Oct 07 2021. *
* Please use the following command to update it: *
> ..\...\NUsersUsuario\NAppData\Roaming\Nodh\ovr-platform-util.exe self-update *
Validating the compilation...[0m
Your manifest includes the following permissions restricted by Oculus:
- android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
- android.permission.ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION
Please remove these permissions if they are not necessary for your application. If they are required, you must include a justification in the "Notes to reviewer" field when you submit your application for review. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected.
Preparing for upload...[0m
Uploading the APK...[0m
Waiting for the processing to start...
rebuilding uploaded file (1 / 3)
validating package contents (2 / 3)
ERROR: There were problems validating the APK. Check that it meets the app manifest requirements, then resubmit the app.
* APK screen orientation is not horizontal (android:screenOrientation in AndroidManifest.xml).
Build Upload Error - an error has occurred.



I tried by a lot of means to remove those two permissions but I can't get it.
If someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

I am developing the project in unreal using blueprints, not c++ (I have no programming knowledge).


Level 2

Any luck on this??