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Upload an app - oculus developer hub problem

Level 2

I am trying to upload a virtual reality app for architecture in the oculus store via oculus developer hub.
When I try to upload the app I get a banner with the following errors:


* Your copy of Oculus Platform Command Line Utility is old. *
* Version was released on Thu Oct 07 2021. *
* Please use the following command to update it: *
> ..\...\NUsersUsuario\NAppData\Roaming\Nodh\ovr-platform-util.exe self-update *
Validating the compilation...[0m
Your manifest includes the following permissions restricted by Oculus:
- android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
- android.permission.ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION
Please remove these permissions if they are not necessary for your application. If they are required, you must include a justification in the "Notes to reviewer" field when you submit your application for review. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected.
Preparing for upload...[0m
Uploading the APK...[0m
Waiting for the processing to start...
rebuilding uploaded file (1 / 3)
validating package contents (2 / 3)
ERROR: There were problems validating the APK. Check that it meets the app manifest requirements, then resubmit the app.
* APK screen orientation is not horizontal (android:screenOrientation in AndroidManifest.xml).
Build Upload Error - an error has occurred.



I tried by a lot of means to remove those two permissions but I can't get it.
If someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

I am developing the project in unreal using blueprints, not c++ (I have no programming knowledge).


Level 3

Any luck on this??

Level 4

Any word on this? I have the same issue

Level 6

There are a few threads on similar issues. The problem is related to android manifest permissions generated by Unreal. The accepted solution is posted here.


You can update the .xml file in the instructions to only remove the two permissions from the output of your upload attempt. 

so open the .xml file in my project folder delete the lines that have the read and write from external storage permissions. Then just re-package the game to APK and it should be fine? Also I’ve looked everywhere in the manifests and I didn’t see anything about a access to media permission? Is this hidden? Also my game has a auto save function so Does it need to read and write to external storage? Thanks for all your help. Attached is a image of the first rejection I got when trying to upload my first build 

Never mind I see the screenshot now! 

so under extra tags for application node just put the two things





and this will get rid of the read and write to external storage permissions and also the media permission? I still don’t even see the media one ANYWHERE in the manifests 

Level 6

Autosave should work if configured to use "app-scoped persistent storage". This is how the Oculus VRC describes it. 


Don't just edit the generated manifest file. You need to modify your Build.cs (as described in the other forum post I linked) and add the referenced AndroidSanitizePermissions_UPL.xml. Modify that xml to match your needs.

so just putting these 2 things under extra tags for application node won’t work? At the end of the post you send me there is a guy that says this is all I would have to do to make it compliant with oculus. 




There are 2 different people offering solutions in the form link you sent me. Lee17 and VintageGreen. Which one should I use? Vintagegreens way looks super easy the other one not so much. 

Lee17 is the one I linked directly. It's really pretty straight forward. You add the AndroidSanitizePermissions_UPL.xml file, add a few lines to your .Build.cs, and then repackage your project. This is the technique I use for my own projects.