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User files with multi-user accounts

Level 3

How can I read/write files from/to the device while logged in as a secondary user?

I currently write logs as well as user-generated content to Unity's Application.persistentDataPath, which comes out to be under:

Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.MyStudio.MyGame\files\


However, when logged in under a secondary user account, I can't seem to enable the ability to browse files on the device using a PC, so I can't gather any debug logs I've written to debug issues while logged in as a secondary user. If I log back in as the primary user, I only see logs, and user-generated content written to the above location by the primary user. No user-generated files by the secondary user appear. But when logged in as the secondary user, I can see their user-generated content, but not that of the primary user.

It seems each user somehow has their own data folder, but I can only access the primary user's data via a connected PC. And if I want to manually place data files into the folder via PC, I can only do that for the primary user, not the secondary. 


So I either need to know if it is possible to read and write files to/from the device while logged in as a secondary user, or if there is another protected common storage area I can read/write from/to that can be accessed by any account logged into the device?




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Level 2

I can confirm that using the Oculus Browser and WeTransfer also works well. Just change the drop down in the file window from media to all to see all files.