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Using post process materials in ue4 with Quest

Level 2

I'm trying to use a post process material in UE4 but in order to use it I have to turn on Mobile HDR in the project settings.


As soon as I do the scene is getting this weird far clipping issue with objects dropping out, the sky being black, etc.


Not sure if anyone has come across this before but I need those post process materials to make the effect required, so I need to know either a way to enable post process materials without Mobile HDR being enabled or to clear the issue when it is.


I'm using UE4 version 4.27


Level 2

Hello, I also had this problem before and so far there's no solution. A lot of other devs that discussed this with me said, it's because mobile hdr is not supported yet.

Level 6

You can do some post process effects using the vulkan tonemap subpass. Check out the Graphics Showcase blog post for more details.