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Where to get the for Quest 2?

Level 2



I'm testing out a game concept that uses the Paralution C++ library for efficient matrix calculations on the GPU. I currently have the library exported as a shared library (only a .dll for Windows at the moment) that exposes some extern methods to C#. And I'm using that API within the Unity game engine to do the actual gameplay programming.


Everything works fine when I'm running the game via Link/Editor, but I can't run on the Oculus Quest 2 at the moment which I want to actually launch the game on if the prototype pans out. The reason for that is that I need to compile the library into an ARM x64 Android plugin (that's an .so file) via Android Studio.


The nuance here, to my current understanding, is that Oculus Quest 2 has the Qualcomm Adreno 600 GPU which only supports OpenCL 2.0 as far as I know. The good thing is that Paralution supports OpenCL-compliant chips, but I need the actual proprietary to compile in Android Studio, because it is a dependency of Paralution. This file usually resides in /system/vendor/lib/ or /system/lib/ in an Android device if it indeed supports OpenCL.


My problem is that there is no Google Play store in the Quest 2 where I could download a file manager that would let me dig into the Android file system to get this .so. I have done quite a lot of searching and have not found a solution.


I am getting frustrated cause I've been stuck for two weeks now every day trying to port my prototype to the Quest 2. 


Anyone has any expertise on this topic that could help me reach my goal? I know what I'm trying to achieve is possible, but I think if I can't overcome the obstacle of getting access to the Adreno 600 version of I will not be able to succeed.


Thanks for reading and may you have a wonderful rest of the day!

- Dohn.