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Anti Aliasing In Unity with URP

Hiya! So I'm having issues with Antialiasing in Unity on a Quest project, it doesn't seem to matter if I have my project set up based on the Oculus documentation or not: Things are...

OVR_BB by Level 2
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UE4 Can't get the guardian within the editor.

Hi, I'm doing "VR Development with Oculus and Unreal Engine" course on unreal learning. The lesson "Oculus Guardian" I can't seam to get "Is Guardian Configured" to run true on Q2 with link. Is it rift only? oculus subsystem is enabled and so is the ...

Send friend request then listen for response

Hi,I just wonder, how to listen for response from other user when I'm sending friend request thru app (Oculus.Platform.Users.LaunchFriendRequestFlow)? The only result determines if I sent it or not. I'd like to know, when the new relationship begins ...

App Submission Assets questions

I want to submit an app for the Quest. I am using Quest v.1 The submission details asks for 5 screenshots with resolution 2560 x 1440px. Taking screenshots in the game, the images are 1440 x 1440. Should I just slap the banner behind the shots to mak...

Resolved! How to keep hands displayed when tracking is lost?

Hello, I'm developing a game for my master thesis with Unity using oculus hand tracking, I need to keep hands displayed and just "freeze" them when the tracking is lost. Is there a way to do so? I found the GetHandState method in the OVRHand.cs scrip...

2nd post : developer mode access fails

Hello Oculus, That is my 2nd post, still no answer.I have a Quest 2 I need to move to dev mode.Sliding on the app fails because asking to register to a non-existing page.App mostly redirects to non-existing pages in fact. Since that, I am blocked.I u...

B3r3n06 by Level 2
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spectator mode for quest 2 not working

The feature is supposed to provide a 3rd person camera that is controllable on the device that is being casted to butthe actual implementation does not correctly set the camera view in the app that is being casted to - instead of modifying the positi...

Getting raw depth data from Quest 2

Hi there! I'm working on an AR project and I'm trying to retrive the depth data from sensor (dots updated on surface of objects inside a guardian).... Where can I access that? I'm using Unreal Engine for development on Quest 2.Big thanks to anyone wh...

user_158149324972888_0-1625031310819.png user_158149324972888_1-1625031362001.png

Redeploying a sideloaded app from unity

I am working on a unity project from a different computer than i initially deployed from. I am getting an error in the unity editor when trying to Build and Run saying "package signatures do not match previously installed versions" which im assuming ...

Should I also buy Rift/Rift S

Currently, I own a Vive Cosmos Elite and an Oculus Quest. In general, the only apps I am interested in are mystery puzzle apps. So far, the ones I have found have been on the Vive. But I like the Quest headset, so I started looking for mystery puzzle...

Oculus Quest 2 connect with 360 camera Theta S

Good morning, I'm Marco From Italy. Thank you about your valuable support.I've got an Oculus quest 2.I would connect my oculus quest 2 with the HDMI signal from my camera 360 ricoh Theta S.I'm able to connect the Camera theta to the pc monitor with h...

enplin by Level 2
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ovr_Notification_GetRoomInvites sender id is 0

We are implementing Oculus room invites in our game. We can poll for notifications with ovr_Notification_GetRoomInvites, get the array from the message, iterate over that, and pull out the room id and the notification id successfully. However, calls ...